DUBAIOOC – Gold Award 2022

Dubai Olive Oil Competition was created to discover the best olive oil brands in the world which have the best juries and the best chefs to analyze and judge. Most of the competitions take place between March and April, because it is extremely difficult to have a quality olive oil, preserved throughout the year, so this competition is organized in July where are competeing more than 1200 producers.
Villa EVA Olive Oil received the DUBAIOOC Gold Award in 2022.

Gold Award NYIOOC 2021
Silver Award NYIOOC 2022
New York IOOC – Gold Award 2021
New York IOOC – Silver Award 2022

With about 1000 competitors from 25 to 30 countries each year, the New York World Olive Oil Competition is the largest olive oil quality contest in the world, and also the most prestigious. Every spring in New York City, the NYIOOC rewards extra virgin olive oils from around the world based on the complexity, harmony and persistence of their flavors and aromas. The list of winners of the New York competition has become the main reference for the world’s best extra virgin olive oils and their producers.
Villa EVA Olive Oil received the NYIOOC Gold Award in 2021 and Silver Award in 2022.

London IOOC Quality Award Gold 2019
London Quality Gold Award 2021
London Quality Silver Award 2022
London IOOC Quality Award – Gold Medal 2019, 2021
London IOOC Quality Award – Silver Medal 2022

The London International Olive Oil Competition showcases the best olive oils in the world, selected by a panel of expert tasters, producers and biochemists.
Villa EVA Olive Oil received the gold medal at the London Quality Awards in 2019 and 2021 and silver medal in 2022.

Flos Olei 2022 Olive Awards


The prestigious international extra virgin olive oil guide Flos Olei is the most respected authority in premium extra-virgin olive oils around the globe and covers 500 best extra-virgin olive oils from 54 countries on the five continents.
The 2022 edition scored Villa EVA Olive Oil at – 85/100 points.

Gold Medal Nocnjak 2018
Gold Medal Nocnjak 2019
Gold Medal Nocnjak 2021
Noćnjak (Croatia) – Gold Medal 2018, 2019, 2021

Noćnjak is a big international event olive growers and oil mills where Villa EVA Olive Oil with the mark of origin is presented, awarding of annual recognitions and awarding of championship titles for oils and labels will take place. 

Evropski kmetijski sklad za razvoj podeželja
Prejemnik podpore iz Programa razvoja podeželja RS 2014-2020 (sredstva zagotavljata EU in SLO)