Quality olive oil is indispensable in any local and Mediterranean cuisine and is a “cherry on top” of many best plates. Besides the taste itself and its structure, olive oil is rich in single saturated fatty acids, vitamin E, phytosterols and antioxidants (polyphenols). The latter define the sensory profile, the sour and spicy note and in combination with vitamin E prevent oxidation processes in our organism. Olive oil is not just a culinary addition but a foodstuff that plays an important role in healthy nutrition.




is a combination of various sorts of olive trees from our olive groves. The oil has flavour of herbs, fresh grass and apples. It is moderately spicy and is an excellent oil for meat dishes.



has a gentle flavour of the green olive tree fruits and citrus fruits. Its taste is not very intense and has a scent of aromatic herbs. It perfectly fits fish appetizers.



are oils with highlighted flowery taste and a note of almonds, green banana and olive tree leaves. They are the perfect oils for dressing salads and preparing fish dishes.



is an intensely spicy sort with a taste of artichokes, eucalyptus and a scent of citrus fruits and freshly cut grass. Its aroma and taste are highlighted in desserts.

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