Gourmet Flavour

Our Villa EVA oils are famous for a wide range of different aromas and flavors.

Customers can choose from mild, fruity, sweet and spicy flavors.

The most valued is olive oil with a rich seating aroma, which smells and tastes reminiscent of healthy and fresh, optimally ripe fruits of olives, apples, fresh almonds, artichokes, tomatoes and freshly cut grass.

We can only achieve this because we have over ten different varieties of olives planted in our olive groves.

Spicy oil, which is mostly a product of Istrska belica, is appreciated due to its high content of biophenols and gives the oil a very characteristic bitterness and spiciness.

Evropski kmetijski sklad za razvoj podeželja
Prejemnik podpore iz Programa razvoja podeželja RS 2014-2020 (sredstva zagotavljata EU in SLO)