Green partnership for a golden future: OKS and Vila EVA joined forces

The Olympic Committee of Slovenia chose our oil for its business gifts

We are happy to announce that the Olympic Committee of Slovenia – the Association of Sports Federations has also recognized our excellent organic olive oils and included them in their business gifts. Our common vision is to promote sports culture and improve the quality of life of people in Slovenia. Cooperation with the Olympic Committee of Slovenia enables us to contribute to the development of sports in Slovenia and support our athletes on their way to success. Thank you to the Olympic Committee of Slovenia for this opportunity and we look forward to future projects that we will implement together. 🏅🇸🇮

Evropski kmetijski sklad za razvoj podeželja
Prejemnik podpore iz Programa razvoja podeželja RS 2014-2020 (sredstva zagotavljata EU in SLO)