Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Alot of work, control and investments in prevention are necessary for producing quality organic olive oil. Organic production does not leave any space for errors and the care for healthy produce without the help of phyto-pharmaceuticals is present throughout the entire growing season. The costs of olive grove processing are very high due to the prescribed standards.

Electronically managed underground irrigation and organic fertilisation, monitoring optimal maturity and hand picking as well as immediate production of freshly picked and unharmed fruits in the modern “torklja” (olive grinder) are reflected in the premium quality of the final product. The grinder grinds olive fruits, and the olive juice is pressed out and in the final phase the oil is separated by centrifugation.

Evropski kmetijski sklad za razvoj podeželja
Prejemnik podpore iz Programa razvoja podeželja RS 2014-2020 (sredstva zagotavljata EU in SLO)